We are sad to say that we will not be re-opening! We never recovered from opening during the pandemic and were unable to see our dream come true. We want to thank all of you that came out to dine with us. We loved getting to know all of you!

We were truly blessed by the kitchen crew we had with us. Our head chef Amanda was a true rock star! She will shine wherever she goes!! Mike and Alex were the heart and joy of the kitchen, and watching them grow was a true joy! Kevin held down the fort as our Jack of all trades- sorry he wasn't in the group pic!

We were so lucky to have a great crew in the front of the house too! Many of these girls were working their first jobs and just knocked it out of the park. Rachel, Julia and Ava were with us from the start and just exceeded expectations every week. Our group grew to include Amanda and Emma, who also rose to the occasion helping us provide great customer service.

Thank you to all that loved and supported us. We are sad that we couldn't overcome the obstacles. We loved sharing our food with you all and will miss you all very much!