In our world, good food is a way of life and the passion that drives us.  To fuel that passion, we continuously try new kinds of food and investigate new ways to cook.  This journey led us to BBQ, and after the first taste, we were hooked!  Now, anyone that knows BBQ knows that you can’t just go into the kitchen and whip some up.  The process takes time, patience, and the right equipment.  We immediately directed our attention to having our first smoker constructed from scrap materials, spare parts and the help of some good friends.  Then began the years of trial and error, tweaking the dry rubs, testing out sauces, changing cook times and temperatures, and experimenting with different types of wood.  We fed family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, taking in all the suggestions they had to offer.

After years of fine tuning, we decided it was time to turn our hobby into our dream job.  This meant we needed a new smoker, so it was time for another visit to our welder friends.  With a few design upgrades, hard work (on their part), and patience (on our part), the smoker was ready.  Now we needed the next piece of the puzzle- a food truck!  We served our local community from the inside of a 1979 Chevy Food Truck and had a blast.  

In November 2017 we were approached by a local businessman known for restoring old buildings to their glory.  He brought us to an abandoned, run down building in the middle of Telford.  He explained what he thought it could be, and we quietly listened- it was a tough vision to see, but he was excited.  Leaving the meeting, we knew it was the exact right place for us to make the next move into a restaurant.  It’s amazing how far this building has come, but it is exactly what we had always envisioned for our dream place.  Along with the biggest smoker ever!

We hope to open your minds (and taste buds) to what BBQ can be.  You will see an ever-changing menu as we explore different spices, cuisines and proteins!  Always know all the sides, sauces and rubs will be made in house!

We are so excited to be serving the community we have grown up in.  We have brought along family and friends to work with us, and have made new friends already as well!   Everyday we look forward to seeing familiar and new faces alike!